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Learning in personal group is enjoyable where you share knowledge together and enjoy your 
classes and completes up-skills together.
A great way to learn through community-based learning help you develop equitable, social
 learning experiences in your city or town. 

How it Works Up-Skill Learning Circle

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How Learning Events Work?

Learning events works through a learning circle which is a study group created by you or your peers.
Learning circles are organized study groups for people who want to take online live classes together or in-person but as a group at your convenient date and time through a learning group facilitator.

Taking online classes has been a major benefit to me.

The instructors are supportive and responsible in returning emails.

At your preferred
date and time

We Deliver Classes

Completely Personalized attention
to your Groups Need

Start an up-skill learning circle near you

Learn skills that matter to you for your improvement professionally.
Learning circles generally meet for 2 hours during weekend -
Saturday and Sunday or two to three days evening during week days to learn and earn certification together.
We book your live learning event and deliver your groups classes live and monitor your progress.

learning Philosophy

Learning in a community-based learning group is easier than learning alone or in a traditional public class. It makes learning Interesting.

we can build each other

Help others. Learn together, share together, light each other’s motivation. Connect with like-minded learners and achieve exceptional skills.

Live Instructor

We want to make education accessible. Learner driven and community focused learning experience. In this peer learning event, every opinion count between your group and your live Instructor.
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