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We are committed in helping you launch your future proof career with our intensive fast track career mastery program with extended in house Loans.  These are offered to kick start your career. With our online mastery program you don't have to travel to take classes at public training venue or attend expensive workshop. We bring you the professional instructors who would train you online from the scratch. In our mastery program you will learn very basic fundamental skills to more advanced skill in shorter time through project based learning.
Classes would be flexible in schedule and it completely prepare you with needed skills to boot up your career. We don't leave you until we motivate you, groom you, mentor you and assist you to find the job that you are looking for through a personal and dedicated placement managert. This include CV-Prep, Interview Preparation, Talent Marketing, Placement by connecting you to Industries Active IT recruiter and
Guaranteed Paid Traineeship Program.

Career Changers Online IT Mastery Program


Job Skill Ready
Online IT Mastery  Programs
Dedicated Job Search Assistant- Get a personal job placement recruiter
Guaranteed to Find Job Skills Assurance. Dedicated Career Coach
Guaranteed 0% Interest Financing
upon Initial Down Payment Amount
and Pay Later in Installment
For Women Tech Starters , New Tech Starters and Underrepresented group in Industry - Guaranteed Fee Relief* and Pay Later Installment Agreement*. You are eligible for up to 1000 CAD Tuition Rebate once you successfully complete our training.
Pay in Full Benefit Agreement.
When you pay in full you receive a PAY@Once Special Saving !
or Pay minimal that you decide
pay in affordable monthly payment!

We are Flexible

Be benefited from Immersive Education through our
Mastery Program to Excel.

Software Engineer Online Mastery Program

Normal text. Gain Job Guarantee Skills in 6 Months

Python, JavaScript, React, Redux, SQL, Advanced Algorithms, Data Structures, Job Search and more.

Data Science Online Mastery Program

Gain Job Guarantee Skills in 6 Months

Statistics, Data Science, Python, Apache Spark & Scala, TensorFlow and Tableau Job Search and more.

DevOps Online Mastery Program

Gain Job Guarantee Skills in 6 Months

DevOps principles like CI/CD, Continuous Monitoring and Continuous Delivery, using tools like Puppet, Nagios, Chef, Docker, Git & Jenkins. It also includes Linux, Python, Docker, AWS DevOps Certification Training and Splunk, Job Search and more.

Cloud Engineer Online Master Program

 Gain Job Guarantee Skills in 6 Months

Python, Cloud Computing, AWS Architectural Principles, Migrating Applications on Cloud and DevOps, Job Search and more.

Big Data Architect
Mastery Program

 Gain Job Guarantee Skills in 6 Months

Hadoop and Spark stack, Cassandra, Talend and Apache Kafka messaging system Job Search and more.

Machine Learning  Online Mastery Program

Gain Job Guarantee Skills in 6 Months

Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning and Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning such as Deep Learning, Graphical Models and Reinforcement Learning, Job Search and more.

Full Stack Web Developer  Mastery Program

 Gain Job Guarantee Skills in 6 Months

Web Development, jQuery, Angular, NodeJS, ExpressJS and MongoDB, Job Search and more.

Business Intelligence Mastery Program

Gain Job Guarantee Skills in 6 Months

Data Warehousing and BI, Teradata, Informatica, Microsoft BI and Tableau, Job Search and more.

Data Analyst Masters Class Bootcamp

 Gain Job Guarantee Skills in 6 Months

Statistics, Data Analytics with R, SAS and Tableau, Job Search and more.

Test Automation Engineer Master Class Boot camp

 Gain Job Guarantee Skills in 6 Months

Software Testing Fundamentals Course, Selenium, Continuous Testing in DevOps, Performance Testing Using JMeter, Mobile App Testing Using Appium, Test Automation Engineer Master Project, Job Search and more.

Artificial Intelligence Online Master Class Boot camp

Gain Job Guarantee Skills in 6 Months

Python and Its Applications ,Predictive Analytics,Machine Learning ,Graphical Models,Reinforcement Learning, Natural Language Processing, Mid-Program Project 2 , AI and Deep Learning , Job Search and more.

Business Analyst Master Class Bootcamp

Gain Job Guarantee Skills in 6 Months

The Business Analysis Profession,The Business Case for Good Requirements, Foundations of Requirements Development, Project Initiation: Eliciting High-level and Mid-level Requirements Improving Requirements Quality, Eliciting Detailed Requirements ,Documenting Requirements with Use Cases, Packaging and Presenting Requirements, Job Search and more.

Guaranteed Benefit

Women Tech Starters Fee Relief Programs 

 We recognize women conquering technology. Trainthetech have taken initiative to offer fee relief fund up to $10,000 CAD in each bootcamp which would be used as a tuition relief fund. Once received we would adjust the amount of tuition relief to recipients fees.

Time management Employer Sponsorship - Better your Income for Tomorrow

Benefit from your employer sponsored education. When you join our bootcamp and pay your tuition in full through your employer you get a rebate of $1000 CAD at the end of your program . You can receive equivalent amount as Tuition Credit and use it to enrol for any other course or program that we offer. If you wish not to receive your tuition credit we automatically send you a laptop worth $1000 CAD at the end of your training. 

Payment Plan-Reboot your mid career

Pay in multiple instalments over the duration of your course without any interest. Trainthetech understand deciding to up-skill yourself involve sound financial plan and through decision making process. All students are eligible for our in-house interest free payment plans. This allows you to break down your payments into manageable amounts for the length of your program. Extended payment plans may be available for those who qualify.

Pay Later -Guaranteed to attract employment 

Our Bootcamp allows you to learn new skills and land on to your future job with full confidence. Our Pay Later program allow you to enrol for our bootcamp with minimal down payment. Rest of your payment only starts when you find job or after 6 months in monthly instalment at 0% interest.
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